Amazon Guide: What is an Artisan Profile on Handmade?

Amazon Guide: What is an Artisan Profile on Handmade?

Amazon Handmade Artisan Profile Shop Setup

When selling on Amazon Handmade, the first thing you might want to set up is your Artisan Profile. This is basically your shop homepage or storefront. It's not as important as it is on Etsy because most Amazon shoppers are looking at items on a listing basis. Most of them won't ever visit your Artisan Profile.

But, you should still set it up correctly as it’s something that Amazon provides us handmakers to stand out from the marketplace side. So, it’s important to take advantage of it!

Here is a look at how an awesome Amazon Handmade Artisan Profile looks:

Amazon Handmade Artisan Profile

Modern Crochet Club


How to Edit Your Amazon Artisan Profile:

There are a couple of ways to edit your Artisan Profile within Seller Central. You can either use the handmade banner in the middle of your Seller Central homepage that says 'Create your artisan profile.' Or, you can click on Settings on the upper right-hand corner of Seller Central and choose 'Artisan Profile.'


What You Should Update on Your Artisan Profile:

There are a few important areas that you might want to update, for yourself and for those few customers who do make their way to your profile.


Your Profile Info:

  • Store Name / Brand Name
  • URL - your artisan profile URL will be automatically generated based on how you entered your brand name initially. Still, you can click the lock icon here to change it. If you have multiple words in your business name it will default spaces into dashes, but they can be removed here by editing your link
    • Your artisan profile link is
  • Craft - a simple line about what type of products you make
  • How are your products made? - add a paragraph or two about your handmade process
  • Do you offer custom orders? - choose yes or no



  • Store cover image - similar to an Etsy shop banner, but if you create a cover image that showcases products you can also add direct links to your banner image that will take customers to that product’s listing (up to 5)
  • Additional store images - packaging shots, modeled or lifestyle shots, pictures of your workspace, etc.


More About You:

  • First Name
  • Inspiration - add a line about what inspires you or your work
  • About You - more about you as a maker and the history of your business
  • Social Media Accounts - these fields allow your listings to become more easily shareable from the product listing, they don’t actually show your social links anywhere on your profile because Amazon doesn’t want traffic being directed away from their website


Featured Products:

Here you can do Top Products that are automatically chosen by Amazon, or you can create your own list and rotate it for special occasions or trends. You can add a total of 4 featured products that will appear at the top of your Artisan Profile homepage.



Whenever you make changes to your Artisan Profile, it can take up to 15 minutes for the changes to appear live on Amazon. Sometimes longer if there is a glitch or slowdown on the site. Just keep checking to make sure your updates were saved!

Once you have your Artisan Profile set up that is the main link you would share if you wanted to direct anyone to your Amazon Handmade shop.

If nothing else, it's worth setting it up properly because the information on your Artisan Profile will be indexed by Google. And that might help in getting some Google searchers into your Amazon Handmade shop, too.


For more tips on growing your Amazon Handmade business, join the free community of Handmade sellers on Facebook.


Amazon Handmade Guide to Your Artisan Profile Setup

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