6 Lesser-Known Amazon Handmade Hacks You Need to Know

6 Lesser-Known Amazon Handmade Hacks You Need to Know

Amazon Handmade Hacks


Amazon Handmade is a fantastic selling platform for handmade businesses, but there are quite a few challenges and differences to the platform. In this post, I'm sharing a few lesser-known Amazon Handmade hacks for sellers that you might want to know.


Amazon Handmade Hacks and Tips

1) You can fulfill orders from your FBA Inventory.

Do you sell on Amazon FBA? If your handmade products are fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), then Amazon will allow you to fulfill Amazon Handmade orders from Amazon warehouses. This is a great way to clear out some FBA inventory or save yourself some time from having to make and ship a new order from Etsy or your website.

Want to know the full details and how to do this? Check out this blog post.


2) Amazon reports contain a wealth of knowledge.

If you're selling on Amazon Handmade, the reports that Amazon provides are a valuable source of information. The amazon handmade sales report, for example, will show you how many units were sold, what the average sale price was, and more.

The inventory report will tell you which items are low in stock or out of stock so that you can replenish your inventory and plan ahead to avoid running out of your most popular items.

Use every tool and piece of data Amazon provides you to your advantage!  It could be what makes or breaks your speed to scaling.


3) Damaged FBA returns aren't usually damaged

Have those FBA customer returns that are marked as 'unfulfillable' or 'damaged' returned to you. Most of the time, they aren't actually damaged; there is just a missing piece of the original packaging. Set up a removal order and have those items returned to you to inspect and repackage!


4) Always reach out to Amazon support for tech issues

Tech issues happen, especially on a huge platform like Amazon. If you have any tech issues or glitches happening - save your sanity and open a case with Amazon Seller Support.


5) Use the Amazon Seller App to scan barcodes

You can use the camera icon on the Amazon Seller App to scan your printed FBA barcode labels. This is a great Amazon hack if you ever need to confirm the item because the name is cut off on the barcode, but you've already packaged it up.


6) You can choose to consolidate an FBA shipment into 1 box for a fee

If your FBA shipment gets split and goes to 3 separate warehouses, you can turn on 'Inventory Placement Service.’ This might be an option if you are sending a smaller shipment, and it makes more sense, cost-wise, to only spend to ship it to one location.

Here are details on the Inventory Placement Service.


Final Thoughts

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Amazon Handmade Hacks for Sellers
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