Amazon Handmade vs Etsy - Should You Sell On Both Handmade Platforms?

Amazon Handmade vs Etsy for Sellers


There is no doubt that the online marketplace has changed how we shop forever. These days, it seems like there is a website for everything - and selling handmade products is no exception. There are two major platforms in this handmade space: Amazon Handmade and Etsy. So, which one should you use to sell your handmade products? This article will compare these two platforms and help you decide which one is right for you!

Amazon Handmade vs Etsy

Etsy has been around since 2005, and Handmade by Amazon has been live since late 2015. Both handmade platforms have pros and cons for sellers, but they are also great options for handmade sellers looking to grow their handmade businesses.

Here is a quick comparison of the two platforms:

Selling on Etsy:

Etsy has a well-established community of buyers and sellers. This can be beneficial for handmade sellers because it gives you access to a built-in audience of potential customers. Additionally, Etsy has lower fees than Amazon Handmade.

However, one downside to selling on Etsy is that it can be more competitive than other platforms. This is because there are millions of active sellers on the site, making it difficult to stand out from the crowd.

Selling on Amazon Handmade:

Amazon Handmade does not have the same level of community as Etsy. However, Amazon definitely makes up for that in the form of traffic and sales. Amazon sales are $283,000 per minute. Who wouldn't like a piece of that pie?

That being said, one downside to selling on Amazon Handmade is that it can be more challenging to get started because you are competing with big brands and mass-manufactured products.

Another huge benefit of selling on Amazon Handmade is the opportunity to use FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) for your non-personalized items. FBA items tend to sell much quicker due to the number of Prime shoppers on Amazon, and it means you don't have to do anything else once an order is placed - Amazon ships and processes the order from your FBA inventory.

So, which handmade selling platform should you use?

There are certainly pros to selling on both platforms, which is why I generally recommend selling on both platforms. The audience will be different for each of them. Being on both allows you to grow and scale your business even further by not putting all of your eggs into one basket. 

I should also add: you also want to be selling on your own website because that is something that YOU own.

However, managing 2-3 different platforms can be challenging if you are just getting started in business. I would recommend starting with one, and once you have sales coming in and understand that platform, you can then add another one into the mix.

If you've been in business for a while, though, it just makes sense to diversify your handmade selling platforms and your revenue.


Amazon Handmade vs Etsy




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