An Easy Way to Write Better Product Descriptions

An Easy Way to Write Better Product Descriptions


Writing doesn’t come easy to everyone, but along with your product photography, that’s what is going to sell your items. Your SEO and keywords get your product in front of the right people, but that doesn’t guarantee they will purchase. What will help improve sales is good photography + a great product description. What do you do if you aren’t a writer and dread writing new product descriptions?

There are many helpful AI writing tools out there that can help you improve your writing and product descriptions. They won’t be perfect, but they will be improved.

One of my favorite AI writing tools is Jasper (formerly called Jarvis).

How to Use Jasper to Write Better Product Descriptions

Jasper has a lot of different writing templates and tools to try. A couple of the best ones for product descriptions are either Content Improver or the Product Description template. Let’s try both here with an example to show you how it works:

1) Content Improver Tool

With the content improver tool, you copy and paste your current description (or parts of it) and see what improvements Jasper offers you.

Here’s an example for this Amazon listing of mine:

After entering the first paragraph into the content improver tool, I received this output:

Sunflowers are bright and cheerful, just like the sun. They're perfect for sunny days or when you want to bring some happiness into your space! This wreath can be used indoors as well; hang it in an empty room that needs more light than usual--think nursery—and give all of those dreary curtains something new with this beautiful design element.

Obviously, it’s not perfect and needs to be optimized, but it’s definitely an improvement in terms of compelling copy that tells a story.


2) The Product Description Template

Next up, we will see what we can generate for this listing using Jasper’s product description template.

Here is the best output:

Looking for a cheerful and eye-catching addition to your home décor? This beautiful sunflower wreath is perfect for filling any space with sunny cheer. Measuring 24 inches round and 5 inches deep, it’s made with brown and yellow mesh, accented with coordinating ribbons, and features a metal sunflower sign in the center (which is removable). Use it indoors or outdoors to bring some extra warmth and brightness to your décor. It also makes a great gift for someone special. Order yours today!


Final Thoughts

While using an AI tool like Jasper doesn’t replace a copywriter, it can be a good investment for anyone struggling to write engaging copy that entices people to buy. Use this link to sign up to get an extra 10k credits with Jasper.


An Easy Way to Write Better Product Descriptions 


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