Brand Registered with Handmade at Amazon?  Claim your "Generic" Products to your Brand

Brand Registered with Handmade at Amazon? Claim your "Generic" Products to your Brand

Making Generic Items Claimed by your Brand

One of the benefits of selling on Handmade at Amazon is the ability to apply for Brand Registry (this can now only be done with a trademark as the Handmade waiver has been discontinued), which can provide greater control over your brand identity and protect against counterfeiters. However, some sellers have reported issues with getting their brand name recognized on their products, which can make it difficult to establish their brand and stand out in the marketplace.

Specifically, some Handmade at Amazon sellers have reported that their brand name is listed as "Generic" on all of their products, even after they have been approved for Brand Registry. This can be frustrating for sellers who have put time and effort into building their brand and creating unique products, as it can make it difficult for customers to differentiate their products from others in the marketplace.

Fortunately, there is a solution!  You can download a product template from Seller Central and use it to update your product listings with your correct brand name.


To do this, sellers should go download your Product Template. What is a product template?   The product template is a tool provided by Handmade at Amazon that allows sellers to update their product listings in bulk. This can be useful for sellers who have many products to update, or who need to make changes to their listings frequently.

The product template is a spreadsheet that can be downloaded from the seller account dashboard. It contains all of the fields that are required to create a new product listing on Handmade at Amazon, as well as additional fields for optional information like keywords, images, and variations. Once the changes have been made, sellers can save the template and upload it back into their seller account.

One of the advantages of using the product template is that it allows sellers to update their listings quickly and easily. Instead of making changes to each individual listing one at a time, sellers can make all of their updates in the product template and upload them all at once. This can save a lot of time and effort, especially for sellers with a large number of products.


In the screen to pick your download, start with Handmade Products on the left and drill down into whichever category for which you are updating the Brands.  Open up that template and on the "Template" tab of that download, go to the first white line in Column A and choose the "Guild" option you see (this means Handmade in Amazon speak).  Once you do that, the other columns that are required will turn red. 

BIGGEST TIP: Do this for one item only first to see if it updates the Brand for you.  It doesn't always work and may require opening cases with Brand Registry but for many sellers, this works and this is what most Brand Registry cases will direct you to do anyways.

Choose the New/Correct brand name in the Brand Column and copy the existing information into the cells outlined in red.  For the first test case, just copy that existing information from your listing in Manage Inventory.  If that first test case works, there's a trick below to help do this in bulk!

Fill in all the required columns and in the "Update Delete" column, you should choose "partialupdate".  If you are stuck on any of the columns at all, the other tabs of the spreadsheet are full of (LOTS of) information but it will clarify any items you specifically get hung up on.


Save your template as the CSV it came as and then also save it as a TXT file.  This will warn you that its only going to save the current tab - choose OK.  Go back to the screen where you got your download, and the next sub-tab is where you will re-upload the information back into Amazon.

Does it work?  Get your current information in bulk in the All Listings Report and use it to create yourself a bulk upload to claim your brand name back!  Remember, if you're listed in multiple Handmade categories, you'll need to do separate uploads for each template.  See something else you need to update while you're at it?  Hint, this upload is a great place to do that!

By taking the time to update your product listings with their correct brand name, you can create a more professional and consistent image for your brand and make it easier for customers to find your products in the marketplace.  Not mention, when you set up a Brand Store, it'll all work smoothly (fingers crossed!)  Now tell me, did this work for you?  We all know Amazon changes all of the time so I need to know if this is no longer the trick!  Where can you do that?  You can post a comment here, but that's boring and totally not as fun as hanging out with all of the other Handmade at Amazon sellers so come see us in the group and let me know there if it worked (or didn't!)

 Making Generic Items Claimed by your Brand

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Hi, I stumbled upon this blog post about Amazon Handmade and applying for a trademark waiver for Brand Registry.
Do you know if Amazon is still allowing this waiver? I have looked into Brand Registry, but it seems expensive to try to get a trademark established.

Any thought on this?
I just signed up for your group as well!



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