Branding Your Handmade Business

Business Growth Series: Branding Your Handmade Business

Branding Your Handmade Business


Welcome back to another part of my Business Growth Series! In this post, we will talk all about branding your handmade business and making sure you aren’t all over the place with your handmade products (hello, shiny object syndrome).

Why Branding Your Handmade Business Matters

When we talk about branding, we aren’t just talking about your logo. When it comes to branding, it includes everything about your business - your messaging, your style, your colors, and even your products.

Customers want to visit an online website or Etsy shop and immediately understand what your business is all about and who it is for. This should be made obvious through your branding and business messaging. You don’t want customers coming into your shop or website and being completely confused because you have just too many products and way too many target audiences.

That isn’t to say that you can’t have a bridal collection within your handmade jewelry shop. But, if you want to sell bath and body products along with pottery -- well, it just doesn’t make sense to a customer. The last thing we want is for customers to be confused while trying to shop our products.

How to Figure Out Your Branding

I strongly recommend working with a branding strategist to flush out your brand as a professional business, but if you want to do-it-yourself, here are some of the best ways to do that.

Your target market is essential here. Who are they? What other activities or things do they like?

If you create elegant and classic handmade jewelry, you wouldn’t want branding that is too bold and out there, like neon pink and lime green colors. That wouldn’t connect and resonate with the person buying your jewelry.

If you are struggling with who exactly your target audience is, do some market research in a few Facebook groups - ask them questions or create a quick survey to find out who they are. You can even send a short survey card with orders to get more information from people who are already customers. Any way you can better understand your customers, the easier your branding and messaging will become.

How to Showcase Your Brand Properly

Once you have your product line and your brand decided, it’s time to showcase it. Here are just a few ways that you can showcase your brand and attract your target audience using it:

1. Your Product Photos

Product photography is so important for online businesses. Customers can’t physically touch and see the product, so your photos have to give them the feeling of your brand and aesthetic. When doing your products yourself, think about the props and backgrounds you are using -- do they fit your branding and style? 

You can use so many prop ideas to bring your brand style to life in your photos!

2. Social Media

Everything you post on social media can tie into your branding - from the colors, fonts, and style of graphics you use on your posts to how you write your Instagram bio. Always keep your branding and the image you want potential customers to have about your business at the front of your mind when creating social media content.

3. Your Logo

The most important thing that most people think of when they hear ‘branding’ is your logo. Your logo should ultimately showcase your brand’s style and connect with your ideal audience. Take a look at some of the famous logos for things you are familiar with, and you will start to see some patterns happening.

Think about what thoughts and feelings you have when you look at a companies logo.

How do you want your customers to feel and think about your brand?


Branding Your Handmade Business


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