Checking out your Best Sellers category on Amazon

Checking out your Best Sellers category on Amazon


As a specialized handmade business coach and experienced seller on Handmade at Amazon, I fully understand the importance of analyzing your Best Sellers category on Amazon, which is why I do this at least weekly. This valuable data provides insights into customer preferences, trends, and opportunities to make the most of your handmade business. Today, I'm gonna guide you through the process of checking out your Best Sellers category on Amazon (even more specifically for Handmade!) and using this information to boost your selling strategy.

Let's dive in and unlock the potential of your bestselling products!

Understanding Your Best Sellers Category:

Your Best Sellers category on Amazon is a treasure trove of information that showcases which of your products are generating the highest sales and interest among customers. By identifying your categories' top-performing items, you can learn and watch what resonates with your target audience, you can hopefully see your rank rise, and you can find areas for potential growth and optimization.

How to Access Your Best Sellers Category:

Navigate to the main Best Sellers page for Handmade here:  Drill down into your categories and subcategories from there.  

PRO TIP: Once you find the link for your specific category, that's the link you're going to drop into your weekly reminder to check these!  This is exactly what I do inside Asana weekly.


What Do You Do With Your Best Sellers Data:

1. Competitor Comparison : Compare your best-selling products with competitors to identify unique selling points and areas to make your listings stand apart.  What are they doing on their listings you aren't?  Look at their visuals, their copy (the words), all of it.

2. Customer Reviews: Pay attention to customer reviews on those best sellers.  What are customers loving about these products?  Maybe its great packaging, maybe its customer service. But it might raise some internal alarms for room for improvement.  That's the goal right?  Constant improvement!

2. Identify Trends and Patterns: Look for patterns or trends in your category's best sellers to capitalize on popular themes, styles, or features. This can help guide your product development and planning for upcoming seasons.

3. Expand Product Line: Consider expanding your next product line based on what you're seeing in the the success of your category's best sellers. Introduce variations, complementary items, or new products that match with what you already know customers are wanting.  

Checking out your Best Sellers category on Amazon is a strategic and smart way to gain valuable insights that can scale your handmade business. By understanding customer behavior, analyzing top-selling products, and using this data properly, you can refine your next steps.  

Need more information or want to see more of what I do each day to scale to 7-figures on Handmade at Amazon?  Join the free group and pop in and say hello!


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