Guide to the Amazon Selling App

Guide to the Amazon Selling App

How to Use the Amazon Seller App for Handmade


Are you using the Amazon Selling App for your Amazon Handmade shop yet? Just like anything Amazon related, it might be a little confusing to get the hang of at first. So, I decided to write a short guide so you can know your way around the app a bit better!

The app is called AmazonSeller and is available for Android and Apple devices.


The Amazon Seller App


When you first log into the app, you'll see the main screen shows you a sales snapshot where you can see your product sales amount and percentages. You can change the time period here to show the last 7 days, 30 days, 12 months, this week, this month, or year to date.

At the top, you will see your total sales so far today, units sold today so far. And, if you scroll that top bar over, you can see your current account balance, next payment date, and your customer feedback star rating.


The Main Menu Options:

  • Add a Product - not available for the handmade category, we can only add or edit listings on the computer version
  • Manage Orders - you can see all of your orders, both FBA and FBM, and filter by status, shipping service, etc.
  • Manage Returns - you can see and manage any return requests
  • Manage Caselogs - you can see all of your caselogs with Amazon Seller Support
  • Communications - you can see any buyer messages here and respond via the app
  • Campaign Manager - you can review your campaigns here and minor changes, but I would definitely recommend using the desktop version for any significant campaign edits or changes
  • Account Health - a snapshot and look at your current Account Health
  • Inventory Alerts - you might see any low inventory alerts here
  • Pricing Opportunities - not applicable to handmade
  • Growth Opportunities - not applicable to handmade
  • Manage Inventory - As I mentioned above, you can't edit listings from the app. Still, you can update prices and quantities for FBM orders, see all of your out of stock products, etc.
  • Manage FBA Shipments - a look at all of your FBA shipments to the warehouse


If you click on the 3 lines in the top left-hand corner you can also find:

  • Most of the main menu options again that are most important (ex: inventory, orders, communications)
  • At the top, you can switch between Canada and the US sites, if you are selling on both


Product Photo Studio

The Product Photo Studio feature is actually a helpful photo editing app that can provide a pure white background for your product photos. If that is the look you are going for and your photo backgrounds are a little beige or off-white, this app will help. You will need to do the editing, save the image to your phone and then email it or upload it somewhere else. And then add it t your listing via the desktop version since we cannot upload photos to listings on the app.


Make Sure You Turn On Notifications!

You won’t be notified about FBA orders, but you will get a notification when a FBM (fulfilled by merchant) order comes in that you need to ship. You can also set notifications for buyer messages, which is especially important since one of the health metrics we are held to is how quickly we are answering customer messages.


Are you currently using the Amazon Seller app? Do you love it or hate it? Share in the comments!


Complete Guide to the Amazon Selling App for Amazon Handmade Sellers

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