How to Know How Many Views You Are Getting on Amazon Handmade

How to Know How Many Views You Are Getting on Amazon Handmade

Amazon Handmade Views Traffic and Stats


Another one of the questions I’m commonly asked about Amazon Handmade is how to see how many views your listings are getting.

We all want to make sure our items are getting seen by customers, and our SEO is working like we hope.

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn't make this information too detailed, or too obvious to find. So I thought a blog post was to make sure everyone knows how to access these important stats!


Amazon Handmade Analytics

It's important to note first off, especially if you are coming to Amazon as an Etsy seller, Amazon's stats aren't nearly as detailed as you might be used to. Even still, they DO provide you with valuable information so you can make sure your items are correctly optimized and being seen.

Did you know that Amazon’s conversion rate is usually much higher than other platforms or venues? On average, you will get a sale on Amazon for every 5 views you have. That’s an incredible number! Especially when you know that on Etsy the average is 1 sale for every 100 views.


How to Check Your Views:

In Seller Central, you’ll find your views under - Reports > Business Reports.

There are 2 options on the Business Reports page to check views. If you choose the ‘Detailed Page Sales and Traffic’ link under the by Date header, this will give you total views on ALL of your listings by date selected.

Amazon Handmade Stats Screenshot

If you choose the 'Detailed Page Sales and Traffic' link under the by ASIN header, you will be able to see your views for each listing, in the time period you set on the calendar. If you look at views by ASIN and a listing isn't listed there, it means it did not any have views during the timeframe you're currently looking at.

Amazon Handmade Stats Screenshot

Keep in mind, these stats are always 24-48 hours behind. They aren’t live or updated frequently like we are used to with Etsy or Google Analytics.


How Do I Know How Customers Are Finding My Items?

Unfortunately, you really can’t.

Amazon doesn’t provide this information on what keywords or search terms brought a customer to your listing, or where else the traffic originated from. But, if you run an Amazon advertising campaign, you will get some insights into the keywords customers are using to find your sponsored ads. This is just one reason why I recommend running an advertising campaign. The reports and data you can get from running a campaign (not to mention the extra sales if you set it up correctly!) are invaluable.

If you aren't seeing the traffic you would like, it's essential to do a bit of an audit on your listings. It might not be just SEO. There could something else preventing a customer from actually clicking on your product (and ordering it!).

First, do some manual search tests within the Handmade category for your top keywords or phrases. Are your items coming up within the first page or two? If yes, something else is preventing customers from clicking on your items OR you might be targeting the wrong keywords. If you can't find your items by doing manual tests within the Handmade category and your views aren't great, I would focus on adjusting your SEO.

Want some help or to chat about how to get Amazon Handmade working for you? Reach out and let’s make it happen!

Amazon Handmade Views Stats and Analytics
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