Ideas for Handmade Sellers to Post on Social Media

Ideas for Handmade Sellers to Post on Social Media

Ideas for Handmade Sellers to Post on Social Media


As a handmade seller, it's important to post on social media often to keep your followers engaged. But sometimes, it can be hard to come up with new content ideas. That's why I've put together this list of social media content ideas specifically for handmade sellers! I hope you find these helpful and that they help you generate more sales for your business from social media.

Social Media Content Ideas for Handmade Sellers

1) Share Your Work

When I say share your work, I don't just mean sharing product photos. You are a handmade business so show behind the scenes! Show some raw materials or work in progress shots that allow your audience to have a small look into how your beautiful items are created.  Even better, SHOW YOUR FACE!

2) Share Your Story

Your story is what makes you unique, and it's what will connect you with your audience. Share why you started making things by hand, share what drives and inspires you.

As handmade business owners, our stories are what make us stand out against a crowd of non-handmade businesses.

3) Share Your Customer Reviews

This is a great way to show social proof that your products are high quality and that people love them! You can post these on your website or blog and then share the link on social media. Or, if you're feeling extra creative, you can create a graphic with some of your favorite customer reviews and post that!

You could even repurpose several of them into an animated reel video or slideshow.

4) Share Your Life

Your audience doesn't need to know what you had for dinner last night, but you can always share funny or interesting pieces of your life. For example, if you are a dog owner and create dog products, you can make sharing your own dog's activities a part of your personal brand.

If you are a mom who creates products for a mom audience, share pieces of your life that will allow people to relate to you.

Think about your audience and what you have in common with them.

Final Thoughts

If you struggle with coming up with social media content ideas and are always left wondering, 'what do I post today?' I hope this post has helped. There are so many ways to create content that ties into your handmade business and will make it stand out on Instagram or Facebook.

One final tip: Plan out your content pillars and content topics that you want to write about; it will help you craft individual post ideas much easier!

If you post interesting and engaging content on social media, you'll see an increase in sales for your handmade business! What are some of your favorite ways to post on social media? Let me know in the comments below! Happy creating!


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This is what I struggle with most! Great ideas……………….as always. Thanks


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