Amazon Handmade Guide: No Sales on Amazon Yet?

Amazon Handmade Guide: No Sales on Amazon Yet?

Amazon Handmade Guide: No Sales on Amazon Yet?


You’ve set up your shop on Amazon Handmade but haven’t received any sales yet. What the heck is going on? It can be disheartening when you spend time getting your presence set up on a new marketplace platform only to hear crickets. I firmly believe that any handmade business can find success on Amazon Handmade, and this post will help you brainstorm why you haven’t made sales yet on Amazon Handmade.


1. You Are Stuck in Etsy Mode

One of the biggest reasons sellers don’t find success on Amazon Handmade is that they are stuck in Etsy mode. Especially if you’ve been on Etsy for years and know how things work there, it can be hard to understand that things on Amazon Handmade are different.

From SEO to best practices. Try to stop yourself from comparing Etsy to Amazon Handmade because they are two entirely different platforms. What works for one, likely won’t work for the other.


2. You Haven’t Done Keyword Research

One of the biggest changes with Amazon Handmade is how their search algorithm works and how you need to format your keywords. You might have done keyword research for your Etsy listings or your website, but when it comes to Amazon and how shoppers there search for things - you’ll want to do your own keyword research specifically for your Amazon Handmade listings.

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    3. Try FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon)

    If you aren’t making sales just yet, one thing that can jump-start your Amazon Handmade sales is sending in a shipment to FBA (fulfilled by Amazon). Many Amazon customers are prime members, and most of them search with the prime filter turned on.

    It doesn’t have to be a huge shipment; just test it out with 1-3 pieces of your favorite or most popular products that don’t require customization.


    4. Try Running an Advertising Campaign

    Another way to jump-start your sales on Amazon Handmade is by running an advertising campaign. You don’t need to set a huge budget, and it’s a great way to learn more about how your customers are searching for things on Amazon, too.

    Make sure you read this blog post: The Difference Between Automatic and Manual Advertising Campaigns

    Final Thoughts

    Amazon Handmade is a really great platform for handmade sellers, but there are many things to learn and adapt to if you are new to the handmade platform. Before you know it, you’ll have those first few sales rolling in, and once you do, this post will help you with the next steps of fulfilling those first few orders.

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    Amazon Handmade Guide - No Sales on Amazon Yet?
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    I am an Etsy seller and am working to build my Amazon Handmade store. The sales I’ve had on AH I attribute to the course work the information she provides both blogs and video’s. Both are super helpful. Thanks Dana!!!


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