Tips for Recording and Editing Videos for Your Etsy and Amazon Handmade Listings

Tips for Recording and Editing Videos for Your Etsy and Amazon Handmade Listings


We’ve all heard over and over how video is king when it comes to e-commerce and selling online. But, video can also be a struggle unless you have the money to hire a videographer. With Etsy and Amazon Handmade listings featuring video content, now is the perfect time to jump into this and add some video content to your listings. I’m sharing some of the best tips and tricks for recording and editing videos for your products in this post.


Types of Video Content:

For your product listing videos, make sure that the item is clear, the background isn’t busy, and you have good lighting. You want to shoot videos during the ‘golden hour’ for light, and they should showcase your product in a way that makes someone want to buy.

If you sell clothing or jewelry, hire a friend as a model for a few hours every quarter to shoot some fun video content.

If you sell items for a home, show the item in use or the house area that it would generally be. We want our customers to be able to envision the product in their lives, and video is a great way to do that more efficiently than just photos!


Video Recording Tips:

Your videos don’t have to be of professional quality, but they should look professional. You can quickly shoot great videos from your smartphone by learning the settings and basics of lighting and composition.

Here’s a great list of 10 tips for recording better video from your smartphone.


Video Content Repurposing:

Once you’ve practiced and are starting to record excellent video content, make the most of it. Each video you record for your product listing can then be repurposed into dozens of pieces of content.

Turn the clip into:

  • An Instagram post clip
  • An Instagram reel clip
  • An Instagram story clip
  • A Facebook post clip
  • A Pinterest video pin
  • A new TikTok video clip
  • Shared as an Etsy shop update


Mobile Video Editing Apps:

There are so many excellent options for a video editing app that is easy to use. Editing your videos is really where the magic happens!

Here are a few of the best video editing apps to try:


Remember, my favorite motto is "Done is Better Than Perfect" so don't let a perfect video be the hill you die on.  Get it up and learn from it!



Have you started incorporating more video content into your handmade business? Do you have video content on Etsy or Amazon Handmade in your product listings? Let me know in the comments!


Tips for Recording and Editing Videos for Your Etsy and Amazon Handmade Listings

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