What To Do If You Are Charged The Monthly Fee on Amazon Handmade

What To Do If You Are Charged The Monthly Fee on Amazon Handmade

What to do if you are charged the monthly fee on Amazon Handmade


Deciding to sell on Amazon Handmade might just be one of the best decisions you can make for your business! But, one of the biggest issues new Amazon Handmade artisans can face is realizing that they were charged the $39.99 monthly fee that is currently waived.

It happens a lot, but there is an easy fix for this!


Why Was I Charged the Monthly Fee?

This happens when there is a glitch during your account set up process. Sometimes the handmade approval isn’t attached to your Seller Central account during set up, which results in the monthly fee being charged before you realize it.

The fee is currently waived for Amazon Handmade artisans, indefinitely at this point. Which is awesome!

As a handmade seller, you would only be charged the monthly selling fee if you are also selling in the regular marketplace categories and sell over 40 items in those categories. Otherwise, you are only charged when an item sells on Amazon Handmade.


What Should I Do If I Was Charged the Monthly Fee?

When you are in Seller Central, click on Get Support and then go through the prompts to open a case with Amazon Seller Support.

They will make sure you aren’t charged again and that any previous charges are reimbursed to you.

One important thing to note - it might take a couple of contacts with seller support because not all reps understand or have the knowledge of Amazon Handmade and the differences for us (like the fee waiver). So, it might take a couple of tries to get to the right person. Just keep responding to the case with the same information until it's fixed for you.


Here is a quick template of what you can send in your case for a quick resolution:



I am an Amazon Handmade artisan, and the $39.99 monthly fee is currently waived for sellers in the Handmade category. Unfortunately, I was charged this fee on (date) incorrectly. Can you make sure my account is connected to my Amazon Handmade application correctly and that I am not charged any monthly selling fees in the future? I would like to be reimbursed for the previous charges too, that were charged incorrectly. Thank you!


You can also try emailing Amazon Handmade support directly using this email address (amazon-handmade-inquiries@amazon.com). Still, it's usually better to open a case through the appropriate channels within Seller Central first.


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