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Dana Midkiff

Monthly Use of Listing Tool

Monthly Use of Listing Tool

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PLEASE NOTE : this listing is for active accounts in the MONTHLY access to the listing tool who receive 15 listings per month.  If you try to purchase this listing without an active account, it will fail and you will receive no results.


Copy this prompt (between the lines) and paste it into the customer input box above. 

  • You can delete whole lines if you've fully addressed the question elsewhere.  The goal is to not forget anything, but if a question doesn't apply, delete it.
  • You can ADD YOUR OWN lines if there's something else you want to include.  This is your prompt to provide as much information as you can think of.
  • For every question you DO answer, you MUST LEAVE the question itself, just type your answer after in response to each question (i.e. "What is the Primary Color? Red"). 
  • With your answers, BE AS DETAILED AS POSSIBLE for the best results. Pretend you're writing to a blind person who can't see your product. 
  • The answers do NOT have to be SEO optimized, its a brain dump telling me ALL the things about your product however you choose.
  • See 2nd image for example completed form
  • You can only purchase one at a time due to the nature of the information entered

HINT : If you sell similar things, your answer will be in your email too so copy it and save it somewhere, it will make this go even faster next time because you may only have to change some of the answers!  


What is it?

What is the primary color?

Any secondary colors?

Any other patterns included?

Are there variations other than color? what are they? :

Who uses it?

What are its sizes?

How can it be gifted? who from and who to? :

Any restrictions for washing/using?

Is it personalized? If so, how?

Are there character limitations for personalization?

What materials is it made out of?

How is it packaged?

Is it for an adult or a child?

Any extra items it includes?

Do you know what category on etsy you will list in?

What (up to) three holidays OR occasions do you want to focus on the most for selling?

Existing Etsy or Amazon description : 


Purchasing one Listing will get you the following items returned to you in an email within 10 minutes : 

  • An Amazon title, description, search terms ideas (x100), and style keywords
  • A personal google spreadsheet to help you pick search terms fast
  • THREE different Etsy titles, descriptions, and tag ideas (x50)
  • A personal google spreadsheet to help you pick etsy tags fast
  • A Shopify title and description
  • A Faire title and description
  • Social Media captions for use in your own social media planner (I highly suggest SocialBee!) (x20)
  • Pinterest titles and descriptions for posts (x10)
  • TikTok captions and video ideas (x10)
  • Product video ideas (x10)
  • Email Blasts to send to your email list about this product (x7)

DISCLAIMER : I have done countless hours of work to get these results to come as close to immediate copy and paste into your listings as possible.  But the results will only be as good of quality as the information you give me. 

BIGGER DISCLAIMER : They are NOT individually ran through optimization software to find the best, highest ranking, lowest traffic words.  So any tweaking you want or need to do is fully up to you and your discretion.  You know your business and your customers best.

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