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  • How to Use Pinterest for Your Handmade Business

    I wanted to take a step back today from Amazon-specific content and talk about marketing your handmade business. More specifically, I’m sharing how to use Pinterest for your handmade business and increase your traffic organically.
  • How to Scale Your Handmade Business With Multiple Revenue Streams

    Multiple revenue streams are truly the way to go when scaling your handmade business. You probably heard the saying don't put all of your eggs in one basket, and it is absolutely true for running a successful handmade business. Growing a handmade business with only one revenue stream and only selling in one place is really hard to do.
  • How to Figure Out Who You Need to Hire First (or Next)

    You built your handmade business as a solopreneur, so it's entirely normal for us to feel a little uneasy about hiring our first team member or independent contractor. That's completely normal, but it's also required as your business grows and scales beyond what you can manage on your own. This post will talk about figuring out who to hire first or next for your handmade business and finding the right person.
  • Handmade Sellers: 4 Tips to Help You Move from Solopreneur to CEO

    We’ve talked a lot about outsourcing and hiring on the blog because it’s essential as you grow your handmade business. There are a lot of factors involved with moving from a solopreneur to a CEO, though. In this post, I’ll be giving you some of my best tips for making the transition a little easier on you and your team.
  • 5 Key Lessons Learned While Growing a Million Dollar Handmade Business

    As a handmade business owner, hitting your first 5-figure, 6-figure, or 7-figure year is a huge milestone with tons of learning lessons along the way. I hit the million dollars per year mark in my handmade business in 2018, and I thought I would share some of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned over the years as a handmade seller.
  • 7 Podcasts That Handmade Sellers Should Be Listening To

    Do you love listening to podcasts? Podcasts are definitely on the rise in popularity over the last few years, and there are tons of new podcasts launching every day! I’ve rounded up a list of the top podcasts for handmade sellers to help you start or grow your product-based handmade business.
  • Is Amazon Handmade Better Than Etsy for Handmade Businesses?

    I work with many Etsy sellers who want to transition over to Amazon Handmade or add Amazon Handmade as an additional revenue channel. One thing that pops up a lot is the question, 'Is Amazon Handmade better than Etsy for handmade businesses?' The answer isn't just a straightforward yes or no.
  • How to Make More Money When You've Hit a Slow Season in Your Handmade Business

    One of the most common questions handmade business owners face is how to make more money when they are in a slow season. The holiday season has come and gone, and now you're left with a lot of handmade inventory that needs to be sold but not much demand for it. Most businesses have ebbs and flows and slow seasons. This blog post will help you make more money during your slow season by focusing on different strategies that could work for you.
  • Ways to Use ClickUp to Manage Your Handmade Business Tasks

    ClickUp is an incredible project management tool, and handmade business owners can easily use it to streamline their business tasks. Using a project management system, whether ClickUp, Trello, Monday, or Asana, can improve your time management, especially as your business grows.
  • 4 Instagram Marketing Tips for Handmade Businesses

    Let’s talk about Instagram marketing for handmade businesses! So many handmade sellers are using Instagram but might not be using it effectively. It’s important to ask yourself first, is your ideal audience even on Instagram? Don’t feel like you need to be on Instagram because everyone else is. It’s entirely dependent on your specific business and audience.
  • Interesting Amazon Seller Statistics for 2021

      As a million-dollar business owner, one question I am often asked is, “should I really put effort into selling on Amazon?” and “is it worth it?”...
  • Amazon Handmade: How to Prep for the Holiday Season Now

    I know it’s summertime, but when it comes to selling on Amazon Handmade and prepping for the insane holiday season, you need to be working on it NOW. It’s even more important if you are doing FBA (fulfillment by Amazon), but it’s also essential to start planning now, even if you are strictly FBM (fulfilled by merchant).