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  • Amazon Handmade: Customer Says Package Hasn't Been Received, But It's Marked Delivered, What Should I Do?

    I've stated in the past that selling on Amazon Handmade requires a different level of mindset and letting go of some control. Certain instances where this is especially relevant is when you have a package that says delivered, but the customer claims it hasn't been.

  • What To Do If You Are Charged The Monthly Fee on Amazon Handmade

    Deciding to sell on Amazon Handmade might just be one of the best decisions you can make for your business! But, one of the biggest issues new Amazon Handmade artisans can face is realizing that they were charged the $39.99 monthly fee that is currently waived.

    It happens a lot, but there is an easy fix for this!
  • Your Complete Guide to Amazon Seller Central

    When you first get accepted to Amazon Handmade, create your account and log into Seller Central, your first reaction is likely, “What the heck!?” Amazon Seller Central can be overwhelming, especially since there are always multiple ways to get to the same spot. I thought it might help new sellers have a complete guide to Amazon Seller Central to help you navigate around and find what you need.

  • Amazon Guide: What is an Artisan Profile on Handmade?

    When selling on Amazon Handmade, the first thing you might want to set up is your Artisan Profile. This is basically your shop homepage or storefront. It's not as important as it is on Etsy because most Amazon shoppers are looking at items on a listing basis. Most of them won't ever visit your Artisan Profile. But, you should still set it up correctly as it’s something that Amazon provides us handmakers to stand out from the marketplace side.
  • How to Plan for Even More Success on Amazon Handmade Next Year

    The insane holiday selling season on Amazon is done for 2019, but don’t let that stop you! Keep moving forward and use your holiday momentum to carry you into even higher sales for 2020.

  • Top 8 Tips for Starting FBA on Amazon Handmade

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again - if you haven't tried FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) for your handmade items yet, you really need to. Just try it! The only regret of most sellers that have done it is not jumping into FBA sooner and figuring out how it can work for them.

  • Amazon Handmade - Seller Feedback and Product Reviews. What is the Difference?

    If you are a newer seller on Amazon Handmade, you might have noticed that there are 2 different types of feedback. Seller feedback and product reviews are 2 totally different beasts. Still, it can be not very clear at first, which is why a blog post was in order!

  • The Difference Between Automatic and Manual Advertising Campaigns

    Let’s chat today about Amazon PPC (pay per click) sponsored ads and the differences between automatic and manual advertising campaigns!

  • How to Know How Many Views You Are Getting on Amazon Handmade

      Another one of the questions I’m commonly asked about Amazon Handmade is how to see how many views your listings are getting. We all want to ...
  • You Sold Your First Item on Handmade at Amazon! Now What?

    Congratulations! You've made your first sale on Handmade at Amazon. Once your happy dance of joy wears off, you might be concerned about what the ...
  • The Best Ways to Brainstorm Keyword Ideas for Amazon Handmade

    When it comes to Amazon Handmade SEO, one of the biggest questions I'm asked is about how to brainstorm and find keywords to use in your listings. Here are my best tips and methods for actually finding the right keywords to optimize your Amazon SEO for.
  • Can You List the Same Item on Amazon FBA and FBM?

    Amazon FBA can be a huge game-changer for most handmade sellers, but one question I’m often asked is if you can list the same item on Amazon FBA an...