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  • Business Growth Series: Treat Your Handmade Business Like a Business

    Whether you are in the beginning stages of launching a business or you have been growing your business for a while, it’s important to treat your business like a business - right from the start. It is not a hobby and not a side hustle. If you are receiving money from customers for goods - it is a business, and you should be treating it like it is.
  • Business Growth Series: How to Improve Your Entrepreneur Mindset

    Starting and growing a successful handmade business isn’t easy. One of the most important things to focus on as your business grows is your mindset. You won’t be as successful as you could be without really diving deep into mindset obstacles that might pop up and learning ways to overcome them. It’s a natural journey as an entrepreneur and handmade business owner.
  • Business Growth Series: Branding Your Handmade Business

    Welcome back to another part of my Business Growth Series! In this post, we will talk all about branding your handmade business and making sure you aren’t all over the place with your handmade products (hello, shiny object syndrome).
  • Business Growth Series: The Starting Point of Creating a Profitable Handmade Business

    An informational series to help you start and build a profitable handmade business right from the start. We will cover every aspect of creating a profitable and sustainable business in this series, but we are starting with the beginning to make sure you are in the right mindset.
  • What Does Indexing Mean for Amazon Search?

    Listen up, handmade sellers! I know sometimes it can feel like we are talking in another language when it comes to some jargon. And especially when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization). I'm here to break it down a bit more for you!

  • The Pros and Cons to Selling on Amazon Handmade

    Selling on Amazon Handmade is something I recommend to EVERYONE. Still, there are some pros and cons when it comes to selling on the platform. Are the cons worth it? For me, the answer is absolutely yes, but I know every person's business and situation is different. Due to that, I thought it might be even more helpful to write out a list of pros and cons so you can make an informed decision for yourself.

  • Your Introduction Guide to Selling on Amazon Handmade

    It's time to go back to basics with this blog post. When it comes to getting started with selling on Amazon Handmade or even thinking about selling there, there are a lot of things to think about and things you need to know. Welcome to the introduction guide to selling on Amazon Handmade!
  • How to Fulfill a Website or Etsy Order From Your Amazon FBA Inventory

    One of the really great features of Amazon FBA is that you can also fulfill orders from elsewhere from your inventory that is already at an Amazon warehouse! I'm going to walk you through how to fulfill a website or Etsy order from your Amazon FBA inventory later on this post. But first, let's discuss WHY you might want to do this.
  • Resource List for Amazon FBA Packaging and Supplies

    Let's cover absolutely everything you need to know about packaging your items for FBA. I'll also be sharing a resource list on where you can find some great packaging supplies!

  • Guide to the Amazon Selling App

    Are you using the Amazon Selling App for your Amazon Handmade shop yet? Just like anything Amazon related, it might be a little confusing to get the hang of at first. So, I decided to write a short guide so you can know your way around the app a bit better!
  • What It Means When You Get a Zero Dollar FBA Order

    Selling on Amazon FBA is fantastic, but like with all things Amazon, some bizarre things can happen. One thing that you might come across as you start selling a higher volume of orders on FBA is an order coming in that shows a price of $0. Yeah, it might be a little unsettling to see at first, and you might be wondering what the heck it actually means.
  • The Difference Between Selling on Amazon and Amazon Handmade

    One question I see a lot is, ‘what is the difference between selling on Amazon and selling on Amazon Handmade?’ And also, ‘should I be selling in the handmade category or a regular marketplace category?’

    One thing to realize when selling on Amazon handmade is that there are key differences between selling on Amazon and Amazon handmade. If you are a new seller, this post will help you to understand the essential differences between the two.